Coca-Cola this year after covid launched uplift campaign to encourage and uplift everyone with new energy with Coca-Cola – Saying every bottle of Coca-Cola has that energy in it that uplifts you.

We’ve created campaign “Find your rhythm” with special playlists published around country with QR Codes and after scanning it you’ve been redirected on Spotify special playlist that was specially created for this location. We’ve made a video commercial also related to this campaign. We’ve been a first agency in Georgia that partnered with Spotify


Coca-Cola new year is always magic. This year also brings something special for you with Coca-Cola. Due to pandemic, as everyone styed at home, we wanted to bring magic to everyone. Thus, we’ve printed QR codes to every bottle of Coca-Cola and scanning it you were taken to magic platform you can see tasty food recipes, Coca-Cola Caravan Rout, Celebrities’ best new year wishes for you, Spotify new year music collection from Coca-Cola and many, many more . . . .


Coca-Cola energy entered market and we’ve been asked to make buzz using local influencers.

Product TVC was based on energy dance. We’ve decided to cooperate with local influencers, who  dance this dance with its own and Georgian dance elements and thus make buzz on market.