With the development of technology, we are also developing. We have a desire to live easier and enjoy all the moments of life. A sense of comfort is important in life, so we are always trying to create it.

Samsung innovative techniques for your family comfort – this was a project that the McCann Group did for Samsung Home appliances in the early 2020. Within the project we made a video with a purpose of showing the benefits and innovative functions of Samsung home appliances.


Customers in Georgia often buy smartphones through non-official sources. This makes it hard for the company to give guarantees and it makes the customers vulnerable towards any smallest problem of their phone. The problem was solved by creating a hologram, that was particularly created for the Georgian market.

We helped Samsung raise awareness of the official hologram and the benefits of purchasing Samsung’s original product.

Within the campaign framework, we designed a special animated character – Hola, which is a personification of the hologram. The main message of the campaign was – “The hologram protects you”. We created 3 different videos under this communication. We can proudly say that Hola did a great job and widely spread the message through the society.

The campaign was exceptional, because this was the very first time that Samsung created videos particularly for the Georgian market.