Hemorrhoids are a disease that causes many awkward problems. While Detralex is a medicine that solves these problems.

The most clumsy of these problems is that a person with hemorrhoids can not sit down. Because this simple action causes great pain. Based on this insight we decided to show how uncomfortable is the world of a person, who can not sit.

Since hemorrhoids are a painful issue for people, we decided that no more pain was needed anymore and a humorous approach to the issue was better. We tried to show this problem in a funny way to the audience, that’s why our protagonist stands wherever he needs to sit and creates weird situations by falling out of all these contexts.

The message of the campaign – do not stand in an awkward situation, comes from the Georgian idiom, which means exactly what we wanted to say in this video.


Vein Week is an event where doctors speak about vein problems and solutions throughout the week. Our task was to make a social video, where we would spread information about the event and invite people who have varicose problems.

Invitation to any event should be cute. But how to show varicose veins in a way that the invitation is pleasant?

Maybe you should create a micro world, where fingers walk, fingers feel pain and fingers have varicose problems. That’s exactly what we have done. We have shown the delicate problems using fingers and it had the best twist with the Vein Week logo.

Video production was full of experiments. We had to find finger actors, build a micro-world, where we portray fingers with the most macro equipment available in Georgia. Together with “Macro Production”, we have overcome all the challenges and now we proudly share video with you.